What Happened To GameStop`s Stock And Incorporating The Blockchain-Verse

GameStop will be remembered by investors for years to come, as it was probably the first time in the history of the “free market” that a group of self-described internet individuals outsmarted the Wall Street-Verse.

Billy McDavid


As a recap, on Jan 27, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply by over 2% — in large part due to the United States Federal Reserve announcing its move to maintain interest rates around the zero per cent mark — shares of video game retailer GameStop (GME) and movie theatre chain AMC Entertainment (AMC) proceeded to rise by 130% and 300%, respectively, taking their market capitalizations to $24 billion and $6.

Finance becoming decentralised is finally opening everyone`s eyes to the market manipulation that is rampant in today`s so-called free financial markets. Similarly, Google and Apple come to the rescue.

The stock trading app is on the Google Play store and Apple`s App Store. However, on Jan 29, it came to light that Google`s and Apple`s development teams had decided to step in to remove the negative reviews and complaints regarding Robinhood, with Google having previously stated that “Ratings and reviews meant to manipulate an app`s average rating or top reviews” violate its policies, thus effectively negating the opinions of its customers and sending the app`s rating back above the four-star range.

What's the deal with Blockchain on Wall Street?

Already in their state of disarray Bonds, private equity, and other alternative assets, compared to public equities, resulting in under-allocation of these assets and limited operational access.
There is a premium on assets, some may believe that some assets are unpopular with investors because they are difficult to access or expensive to manage.

Clearing and settlement are handled separately, with proprietary technology for clearing transactions as well as asset discovery, and pre-trade matching.

Multiple levels of the financial industry process the same data, but in their own siloed systems and therefore need to…