Victory Loves Preparation

Billy McDavid
2 min readDec 13, 2023

I have been circumnavigating tutorial hell for a little while now between programming! learning and consolidating JavaScript, Python and Solidity technology changes on a weekly if not daily basis adding to my procrastination; eager to learn extracts of tech platforms from web development, web 3 verse, smart contracts, DeFi, machine learning, and Amazon Web Service…

Then a new dawn descended bringing a cessation to the frivolity of it all, made a plan for 4 weeks and followed my intelligently made path for 2024( no deviation even when the going gets hard).

I intend to embark upon a journey of a fascinating creative master's degree in Smart Contracts Security Auditing. There you have it my study for the next 365–52–12 days weeks and months of a deep dive into Blockchain.

I accept the challenge thrust upon me, an opportunity towards indefinitely driving my ambitions changing my career direction and life for the betterment.

Today is a momentous occasion for me and my family to shape my actions in making the world a better place through technological advances and innovation in our own time.

Being raised as a wolf within a family of dogs has always been a wolf.

I have started my voyage into the known and unknown on the Web3 wild side, follow the path and the journey will be worth it, no matter the obstacles.

Happy WeB3 Coding