Billy McDavid
2 min readApr 25, 2022



I have recently been programming/weaving react-tsParticles narrowly escaping imposter syndrome.

For the first time, I escaped react ts-Particles cannibalism by flinging myself head-on into creating a tsParticles Web Component.

The cannibalism aspect was researching how to incorporate tsparticles background into my project. Literally scoffing up all I could get my hands on to configure elements of workable code as a background image.

The react-particles-js- This package has been deprecated in favor of react-tsparticles.

The deprecation forced me to apply react-tsParticles as my preferred background image. I copied react-tsParticles into terminal adding installation as follows: npm install react-tsparticles. Thereafter copied:

import Particles from "react-tsparticles";

The code from Options Object in react-tsparticles declined to work. Being unable to complete the task gave me a challenge I was willing to take on, I approached the challenge with a relaxed mind and persistence.

No matter what angle of attack I tried nothing worked!

I resolved to work this out on my own utilizing my index.html and App.css from my facerecognitionbrain project build and an alternative approach to adding my preferred react-tsParticles background image.