Software Developer Confidence Through Mastery

Billy McDavid
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

“When was the last time you were so interested in or excited by something that you gave it all your attention”?

I confess I am desirous to the point of greed, my software tutelage momentum initially I thought to be like a Linear bullet train, runs on wheels until it gains enough speed to retract them and essentially levitate four inches above the rail through the journey. Be a software developer in 3 months, or so I thought.

Why is it so hard to become… if it were easy everyone would be doing it!
Take my first few months of small steps learning software development, and on occasion many times I’ve needed to reschedule events stops and starts, a bit of reverse engineering to understanding concepts of good and bad code, writing clean code, writing compiling code, functions, objects, classes, error handling, unit test with an interest in producing better code, to practice the code, inline script, script tags, IIFE, wizardry browserify, Webpack and ES6 craftsmanship.

This all takes time me time and yep not just 20 minutes of scrambling around googling the answer. More of an interpersonal problem-solving puzzle I need to undo. However, I have discovered thinking logically is a very necessary tool to braininess and intellectually unscrambling of error handling.

Deepening my lifelong learning to get ahead in the Software realm has been fun, thrilling, powerful, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and energetic; tackling the extensive monopoly of the software front-end universe. I already have this vision of one present at Scrum Ceremonies actively participating in discussing progress and the context for the coming day’s work. This was the catalyst to my infinite propulsion of pursuing my software developer career.

Only too aware that many hurdles, barriers, and obstacles to progression will stand in my way. Not being beaten off or pushed back, I will tackle each one at a time and practice my already fine-tuned modus operandi. Being inquisitive, meddlesomeness, and curious to work at it and find a solution will help me hugely.

If you find yourself in a similar position chasing ambition, goal, or holy grail understand this “Believe you can and your halfway there” T. Roosevelt.