Site Performance and Zippy REACT Code Perceive Time Faster, Than Big Slow Alternatives

Billy McDavid
2 min readDec 22, 2022

Fast moving coding complex UIs, REACT a declarative, systematised and, formable JavaScript library for developing user interfaces, a perfect technology.

Reviewing my own research and recent coding practice experience especially with REACT, flexibly the coding programming framework tops it’s competitors owning a large market share and I believe best for users who own this great tool for building UI astounding components.

As an Intermediate Developer one of my daily happiness meaningful moments is building out my React project, creating a virtual DOM in memory, where it does all the necessary manipulating, before making the changes in the browser DOM.

Programming REACT is a comparable to travelling through a wormhole and sending a signal back. A REACT model of a hypothetical wormhole, REACT bridges that create a shortcut between two distant locations in virtual space-time — REACT produces the devil in the detail shown that the code can be extremely fragile and liable to implode or error if anything, but a pulse of reusable bits of code will render and not collapse. A component that chooses which component to render based on a condition.

Ok, perhaps thats a bit of a wild comparison of the REACT model and wormholes, nonetheless keeping things scientific, their has been a lot of REACT genesis going on with many upgrades and domination of Front-end frameworks.

I enjoy the fire bolt speeds and cool base functionality that you can build upon to create more complex applications, significantly shortening the development process. A win win for any project that has a thin timeline.

Not to mention the mastery of the process of creating beautiful and in working order user interfaces is way easier, given the declarative components used aptly to describe the desired outcome, saving colossal time.

REACT ensures a smooth, timely and user friendly interactive code base that allows for a multi-dimensional virtual DOM high-performance and, I for one will continue to shout from the rooftops in its favour.

“Sometimes I just survive. But sometimes I stand on the rooftop of my existence, arms stretched out, begging for more.” ~ Markus Zusak.