Billy McDavid
2 min readApr 12, 2022

A modern age Terminal with features you never knew you always wanted; It can be a forbidden place, a hole, and a holdout until mastery of the differences.

That’s when I feel uncomfortable working within iTerm2, my latest app project has seen more stumbles and barriers than I’m used to.

This is how it flies am I right! Stumbles and barriers juggling iTerm2, Visual Studio Code, and Browser.

Away from my 12-hour shifts as a medic, my days off routine to transition into a full-time Front-end Web Developer, I experience good days and troublesome days not panning out as intended with tasks, goals, and objectives. Never defeated.


0800–0900 Breakfast

0930- 13.30 Code

1330–1400 Lunch

1400–1500 Code

1500–1600 Walking outdoors

1700–1800 Dinner

1900 Gym

The genius behind this schedule allows me to code and practice code daily. This works for me and is an integral part of my 10month challenge career transition from medic to being a mastery Web Developer.

Learning anything new has its agonies, recently I factored in leopard crawl to my fitness regime and practice this every 55minutes after coding, for a 5-minute workout. After 2 mins you require mind over matter to keep going, similar to coding, push through mentally / overcome and no stopping until a solution or completion. Easier said than done, but not impossible. I actually enjoy the frustrations and am determined to make it work. Man v computer 🖥 hehe.

Like others learning any programming language, our reach, vision, confidence, determination, know-how and incredible talent do make it happen and any result is deeply satisfying 😌.

My coding experiences thus far have had a profound impact on my genius and I will continue to make magic today.