Hey! I Get It Smart Contract Auditing Is Mind-Blowing So In Demand

Billy McDavid
2 min readDec 3, 2023

My fascination and curiosity started some time ago listening to DeFi Smart Contract Audit End-to-End podcasts.

My enthusiasm was gripped when I embarked on a course; on how to become a smart contract auditor.

My choice of learning: Taught by the best instructor who managed to smart contract security God, a great knowledgeable tutor and, I am very impressed by his course delivery, tempo, and expertise. I believe I can get pretty far down that road in 9 months, so here goes -into the rabbit hole!, creating my dream of changing career direction into smart contract security, focus and, all my efforts on blazing forward.

Why Smart Contract Auditing; Why not! Presenting smart contract data computationally utilizing skills learned on platforms Solana, aave, and Compound. Smart Contracts are a transformational digital in demand globally, Smart Contract ecosystem every day compounding warp speed security improvements and efficiencies. “Encouraged by growing computing power and algorithmic development, smart contract technologies have become powerful tools for a wide variety of application areas, spanning from technology-driven innovation; this is exciting stuff, very cool.

It is estimated that, As the use of smart contracts grows, improving their security will…