Goal Chaser Personal Development-2022

Billy McDavid
2 min readDec 9, 2021

2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year and, for those of you out there that historically have lived through a tumultuous and difficult 2 years of this Century, I encourage you to stay the course and wish you all the very best for 2022.

As someone and not unlike others, perhaps this resonates with you, I am strategizing my New Year ahead to incorporate my desired career and personal goals to align with Goal Chaser Personal Development.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt daily plaque my thoughts and desires to become an amazing web developer. It is having the courage to debunk these pestering thoughts and crack on with my goal. Working in healthcare has finally pushed me into my career transitioning top-gear, by way of every spare moment and time practicing coding. Inspired by the Programming Tutors to practice, practice and practice, and yet more practice, understanding the language albeit small steps and keeping going forwards.

Hours, days, and weeks flash by, my routine helps enormously and I never tire of this, well perhaps I feel lousy some days, those days when it’s an effort to code or do some physical body conditioning. But, no my friend those are exactly the days when I get a grip and conquer the procrastinating and out the other side feel amazing at having completed the trip.

You, intelligent you, no doubting your own goal chaser personal development are already there or getting towards that GOAL! Each of us in our mad world is in pursuit of that life | work balance be it perfect or not, it will be an improvement, are one step closer to getting there. Don’t give up keep leaning forwards and never regret, never look back, have no regrets.

I am off to practice coding, get my body conditional exercise half-hour completed and, read for at least an hour my favorite books. I find that it’s the sentences that make the difference, not the book. That’s it 3 exhilarating, events that propel me through my days off.

What’s your go too and, good luck with accomplishing your goals.