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  • William Scott

    William Scott

    I write. I overcome adversity. I meditate. I eat plants. I watch Star Trek. I hike. I wander. I cry. I make my own bread. I innovate. I question. I debate.

  • Randall Surles

    Randall Surles

    Retired Army Ranger and Green Beret, Digital Nomad, Author, Developmental Editor. Find out more at www.randysurles.com.

  • Izzy Hernandez

    Izzy Hernandez

    Sharing thoughts and ideas. Follow and let’s connect!

  • Marvin Bakker

    Marvin Bakker

    Become a member for more content and crypto tips https://medium.com/@marvinbakker/membership

  • Pavel Safronov

    Pavel Safronov

    Facebook SRE (ex-Yandex) github.com/prius

  • Arjun Codes

    Arjun Codes

    Learn Code with Fun.

  • Robert Gorycki

    Robert Gorycki

    https://www.americascardroom.eu/ https://blockchain.poker https://play.swcpoker.club/ https://coinpoker.com/ https://roundercasino.com/ http://ptc.cointiply.com

  • Reniel Anca✨

    Reniel Anca✨

    Author at Daily Motivation https://www.dailymotivation.site/author/reniel/

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