Flow with the Go EPIC Cyber Security

Billy McDavid
3 min readJul 12, 2022

Cyber Security is dominated by knowledge and rapid, unpredictable change, the ability to learn, and to continue learning, is critical for individual defenders and business communities.

As I embark on my continuing education within the Cyber Security Collosis. Whatever my reasons, I am in pursuit of dynamically enhancing my hard skills in Cyber Security, developing a mastery of the trade and Ethical Hacking. I have turned to several resources to propel me into the Cyber Security nebula-

SaluteMyJob|IBM Cyber Security Analyst Professional Certificate

“Hang On Tight And Survive. Everybody Does.” Capt Kirk informs Charlie -X aboard the Star Trek — Enterprise.

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A reflection on my Cyber Security structured learning process.

Learning is a process is a journey. Sometimes, the learning we do daily can be so small that we don’t even notice it. But added up, all of our experiences…