Feeling Code As Blood Runs Through Veins

Billy McDavid
2 min readApr 13, 2022

Be assured, if the syntax is made of blood. And the blood of coding life, I have syntax blood running in my programming blood vessels

Becoming a better Developer, today I reached a milestone and it was awesome. Coding is a journey with twists and turns and I love it given that never are two days the same.

I happened to discover that practice and only practice propels you into another coding dimension and speed of thought when Coding over consecutive days. Today 6 hours and my best day yet.

To get into the Coding triangle of progress I spent 2 days thrashing out the initial stages of my project and making very little progress! Then on day 3 ya beauty, it all clicked and VSC-iTerm2-Browser and I sped along nicely with the odd hiccup dealing with typos, errors, or losing my train of thought to identify a solution to the minuscule problem.

Oh Hey, I should mention I did clear cache! This helps.

Taking some regular breaks and returning with the mindset of not giving in? The coffee time, stretching, a short walk, the magic works returning refreshed and eager for the task ahead.

Another situation that rekindles my passion is when I have mulled over and thought about my progress or lack of, it and came up with other angles and ideas to tackle problems. I encourage anyone to get fresh air and walk the problem to a solution. Hey works for me most times.

Putting things into context I just need to practice more and more. Have a good one.