Covid chance of a lifetime to pivot into Blockchain

Billy McDavid
2 min readMay 25, 2021

In what now feels like a distant time, when travel was the norm and we could visit people, I now find myself sitting in my study surrounded by Blockchain books, pens, and pads and knick-knacks learning about the Blockchain factors, nodes, lots of enterprises and elements and transactions how they talk to one another.

Blockchain is extraordinarily interesting, decentralized, and digitally important, and we still haven’t cracked the problem[contradiction between a highly decentralized blockchain and the more or less centralized oracles] this is a hard problem but a very intriguing one.

Blockchain since Nakamoto the approach of Blockchain has been a mathematical one, where you hash things, you’ve got a cryptographical algorithm that’s Turing complete and that’s part of the computation, its ecosystem, mining process, and consensus mechanism.

Blockchain is skeptical about these qualities that are so well expressed in the Blockchain architecture, framework, and tools in its ecosystem. Those are the tools in which we examine this kind of stuff.

Gung-ho triumphalist proponents of Blockchain would say “We haven’t got there yet. We’ll measure it one day”. I’d say, “Well you won’t because it’s just not measurable”.

I’d point out that we’ve got there already. You read it in Mastering Bitcoin[Antonopuolos] and Mastering Ethereum[Antonopuolos] and you hear it in online podcasts, live streams, videos, challenges, and activities exploring our relationship with the Blockchain environment. We’ve got there. We’ve done it. But we don’t do it without a step-by-step approach to building decentralized applications.

“Let me show you a world where every particle of dust is alive with joy”,[William Blake]. That seems to be a highly joyful, highly encouraging, and healthy, and all-around good way to look at the Blockchain world.

Blockchain is clearly a field where imagination and entrepreneurship are to be triumphant. I find myself rising proudly, one day to be part of the blockchain community, learning as I go, being the 0.5% of the world’s population using blockchain technology.