Assess Your Data Skills As An Intermediate Developer

Billy McDavid
2 min readDec 23, 2022

Measuring your technical knowledge, course content, and learning path as I am discovering is a minefield of assessments, memory storage, dedication, time management and practice.

Trying to evaluate where you are up to in the grand scheme of online self- taught programming tuition, is challenging and rewarding, without being able to gauge how far you have come, balanced with giving you confidence in your skills.

A technicolour dream of coding evaluation, attempting to decipher ones own learning; identifying strengths, making errors and the never ending changing technology, how good am I, committed and passionate with endless coding energy.

My goal to be the very best front-end developer of the highest calibre, unquestionably employable in every sense of mastery in coding. This is my quest coupled with an obsessive — assertive attitude to learning my chosen programming language.

I have found that juggling two online courses at once and setting deadlines are necessary for me to be able to code along at my best. Thereby subtly varying my training and maintaining healthy neuron activity, greatly assisting the learning process. Halving the time it takes to get ahead with proficiency.