Billy McDavid
2 min readApr 24, 2021

Activities undertaken in my leisure time

My hobbies and interests:

Golf: An element of fitness that combines the wonders of nature offering a welcoming and calm environment. I use this activity to embrace the challenge of maintaining a passion and the excitement of competitively producing my best for the 18 holes rounds of golf.

Jogging: Assist me maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Hiking: This exercise allows a total body activity workout and I enjoy the tranquility and something about being in nature equally exercising my collie dog.

Meditation: 10 minutes daily mind and brainpower reset that allows memory to sync, reconnect inner zen.

Reading: Ability to enjoy a great bookend share this experience with others.

These activities relate to me as a Blockchain | Crypocurrency Project manager, hobbies and interests that shape your wellbein, these allow a clearer sense when I have come back to reality. This allows me to adopt the challenges of good exercise, develop rejuvenating moments from a busy schedule by way of a tool to cope and help myself relieve any pressure.

These activities allow me to remain active through exercise which is a great way of thinking outside, moving my thoughts in a way not possible. Clearing your mind, thinking clearly as I move around. Discovering strengths you didn’t have , being more confident and more self-reliant. Reading is jot just academically challenging, I believe it to be the best of all pastimes enjoyed by peoples…