Going potty about nature and an awe inspiring visit to the garden

I have seen many great-spotted woodpeckers, none of which have captivated my mindfulness like this morning as an ambitious, explorative, and daring woodpecker did visit the garden.

Three things happened all at once, picture the scene, in my kitchen sitting routinely at breakfast- listening to a favorite piano concerto,’ Intermezzo in A Major, Op.118, …

The overwhelming digitised financial-editing technique will transform DeFi

There is monetary high-tech that could confront some of life’s most pressing problems, from decentralised to centralised currency. It could fix business related conditions ‘Decentralised Finance (DeFi) provides the solid foundation for new financial services that are so powerful and advantageous that we will soon look back on them and question how we ever operated without them’, Ilia Maksimenka.

It could eliminate traditional money markets, an evolutionary decentralized arms race. This is the promise of some of the planet’s quickest-growing cryptocurrency start-ups well-informed world financial regulators on a corner of the market…

Who does what, when? Preparation and the high-level plans initiated and agreed upon during the scoping phase are a neat beginning. As a project manager, I am candid about the balancing act of running an allocated stage of the project.

Bearing the expectations of a millennium galvanized by messages of “systems and processes,” and meeting the moral ultimatums of high-stakes decision making. In reality, construction sites are typically controlled chaos, an active construction site was the peacetime equivalent to war. Battles, and ultimately wars, are won or lost in large part through leadership. …

The Inside Track Our Greatest Theory Of DeFi

Week in, week out, in the Decentralised Finance space entrepreneurs, reporters, and the movement are talking to the experts and sifting through the latest charged results from the cutting edge of DeFi and cryptocurrency, so that, whatever happens, you are ahead of the curve.

As the warming world of DeFi brings more digital breakthroughs, we have a lot to learn about how best to live with DeFi adoption. …

Post-Pandemic Mobilize Agile Project Management Intelligence

Our dominant partnership of fast market value delivery and feedback, smart project management, and post-pandemic radical overhaul of what makes project management intelligent, focuses on avoiding project problems and needs to ensure agile managed projects are more successful and less stressed, but what works?

One temptation that is hard to resist when writing about Agile Project Management is the narrative of “last-ditch effort”, the cliche, that the product/project is the final opportunity to avert customer/client crisis, and if it is a failed supernova, all is lost.

I have written a few broadcasts from the…

Many years ago, the discovery of redesigned Bitcoin capitalized a movement towards a monetary system that would be acquirable to the world at large.

Even in the modern world, DeFi is essential for humankind since it offers the chance opportunity to enter a suite of financial operations and services. Decentralized Finance DeFi has introduced an awesome convergence in viewing financial transactions beyond the existing assumptions of the current, protected financial market.

DeFi still essentially relies on chance. DeFi products being created on public blockchains of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency companies have skyrocketed screening many thousands of combinations trying to find…

Until such time as 10 years ago, I didn’t bother too much with sparing 60 minutes to read books, magazines, articles, newspapers, or anything readable at all!

As a parent and having enrolled English tutors for the betterment of our children I was curious, initially embarrassed at my lack of knowledge when it came to giving advice on books I should have read at school.

There again, I was educated back in the day in the early ’80s, when education was vastly different than these days. Therefore to gain an upper hand, I slowly began to tick off the necessary…

As far as to say digital connections go a long way in the blockchain- blockchain has risen to become a popular platform capable of pushing the entire world forward.

Bitcoin has helped create the most intricate map yet of the connections within the digital currency. Closely followed by the Ethereum system equally emerging and pushing the technology; is also shouting from the rooftops its potential to decrease corruption and brash human failures by domineering digital mapped networks out of human reach.

The blockchain is freely available online and reveals an eye-popping amount of virtual digital data revolutionizing everything from how our daily lives are affected by our shopping habits, eating out, travel destinations, and where we choose to bank and focus on individual health.

A lionization and the fanfare…

It means a lot to see someone smile, especially if you’ve not seen them in a while.

The momentous occasion this fine day was my youngest daughter’s graduation without ceremony(meh). As a family we did what every other family can do to celebrate post-pandemic, a drive to the university town, meet up, lunch, photographs, and congratulations cake (complete with icing scroll and icing graduation cap). The last 4 years have not been without an undergraduate’s normal ups and downs. Lots of encouragement and support.

However, her achievement of a first-class degree at the countries top university has delivered an unrivaled…

Excited is an understatement when it comes to having an avid interest in all things blockchain. I have had a healthy regard for the blockchain space for quite some time now and every day the subject matter fires up my free thinking.

A developed, open-minded, wised up a community that operates in web 1.0 to web 3.0 challenging the boundaries of plugged-in, digitized cosmos. My quest to learn and participate in Blockchain started as an inquisitive hobby and progressively I have dabbled in blockchain development, programming, Defi, and data. …

Billy McDavid

Project Researcher

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