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To face this challenge head-on I adopted a routine, I work full time (not in the IT sector) and on days off, my schedule goes like this:

routine {

.screen reader-text: focus;

a. 7 or 8 hours sleep

b. Physical daily burpee challenge (8–10 mins)

c. Reading…

Intentionally I have pivoted 360 degrees to revisit my HTML, CSS, JavaScript programming skills.

My entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, focused self- approach to becoming an excellent developer, saw me catapult my ambition too hastily into dire straits.

I was wrestling with solidity and ethereum, in the losing corner, without a solid understanding…

Going potty about nature and an awe inspiring visit to the garden

I have seen many great-spotted woodpeckers, none of which have captivated my mindfulness like this morning as an ambitious, explorative, and daring woodpecker did visit the garden.

Three things happened all at once, picture the scene, in my…

The overwhelming digitised financial-editing technique will transform DeFi

There is monetary high-tech that could confront some of life’s most pressing problems, from decentralised to centralised currency. …

Who does what, when? Preparation and the high-level plans initiated and agreed upon during the scoping phase are a neat beginning. As a project manager, I am candid about the balancing act of running an allocated stage of the project.

Bearing the expectations of a millennium galvanized by messages of…

The Inside Track Our Greatest Theory Of DeFi

Week in, week out, in the Decentralised Finance space entrepreneurs, reporters, and the movement are talking to the experts and sifting through the latest charged results from the cutting edge of DeFi and cryptocurrency, so that, whatever happens, you are ahead of…

Post-Pandemic Mobilize Agile Project Management Intelligence

Our dominant partnership of fast market value delivery and feedback, smart project management, and post-pandemic radical overhaul of what makes project management intelligent, focuses on avoiding project problems and needs to ensure agile managed projects are more successful and less stressed, but what works?

Many years ago, the discovery of redesigned Bitcoin capitalized a movement towards a monetary system that would be acquirable to the world at large.

Even in the modern world, DeFi is essential for humankind since it offers the chance opportunity to enter a suite of financial operations and services. Decentralized…

Until such time as 10 years ago, I didn’t bother too much with sparing 60 minutes to read books, magazines, articles, newspapers, or anything readable at all!

As a parent and having enrolled English tutors for the betterment of our children I was curious, initially embarrassed at my lack of…

As far as to say digital connections go a long way in the blockchain- blockchain has risen to become a popular platform capable of pushing the entire world forward.

Bitcoin has helped create the most intricate map yet of the connections within the digital currency. …

Billy McDavid

Project Researcher

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